Introducing the experience, values, lessons, skills and advice of elder Atlantic Canadian women. Each one carries decades of work toward creating change in how society operates.

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  • Portrait of Phyllis Artiss

    Photo courtesy of Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Phyllis Artiss took every opportunity she could to help university students, especially Aboriginals and internationals, toward better academic success but she also tackled equity issues affecting women academics, linked women's studies with community-based living conditions, and gave significant service to municipal and provincial feminist organizations.

  • Portrait of Yvonne Atwell

    For over forty years, Yvonne Atwell has engaged in community development and social change. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Halifax-based Community Justice Society.

  • Portrait of Ann Bell

    Ann Bell's nurses union experience honed her leadership and political skills for addressing women's legal disadvantages and their lack of representation in public policy discussions, later expanding into many other issues that emerged while she led the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women during its crucial first years.

  • Portrait of Kathrine Bellamy

    Photo courtesy of Memorial University of Newfoundland

    A much loved music teacher, Cathedral organist and choir leader who believed in the power of music to help people break through self-imposed limits and develop their capacities, Kathrine Bellamy's activism extended to facing up to the challenges in combating the social results of extreme poverty in St John's.

  • Portrait of Maria Bernard

    In 2002, Maria Bernard won the Individual Lifetime Achievement Award from the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women for achievements in working for the equality of women.

  • For her work in defending Acadian language and culture, Mary Bouchard's many awards include the Order of Canada and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

  • Portrait of Ann Brennan

    Refusing to live by the "wife of" conservative attitudes towards rural women, Ann Brennan claimed her own goals and worked to revise national agricultural policies, break through political barriers to build cultural relationships amongst Canadians and the Irish (in Northern Ireland and Ireland), and respond to local community issues.

  • Portrait of Olive Bryanton

    For over 25 years Olive Bryanton's name has been synonymous with consistent and informed advocacy for senior citizens, and especially the development of new services and ideas for better social policies; but younger generations also command attention because of her belief in better inter-generational understandings.

  • Portrait of Shirley Chernin

    Shirley's six decades of volunteering include the design and management of five major social programs, advocacy for community issues and support for six health programs.

  • Portrait of Shannie Duff

    Shannie Duff's work as a municipal and provincial politician continues to focus on well-informed and multi-faceted advocacy and public education for democratic decision-making around built and natural heritage environments, urban planning, regulatory frameworks and social development of downtown St John's.