Believing in the power of well-informed rural women to make social change in their communities, Elizabeth (Betty) Lacey used persistence and leadership skills to expand the educative work of the Women's Institutes, but she worries about the future with so much competition for women's community devel... Read more
In addition to national and local level activism for the advancement of feminist agendas, Joan Hicks helped Nova Scotians of all walks of life realise how collaboratively-planned public library-based social development activity could be challenging and empowering.... Read more
Kathy Sheldon chaired the first Women's Institute Conference held in NL and was a member of the governing body of the Associated Country Women of the World from the 1970s to 1986.... Read more
In 2000, Betty received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax "for lifetime work to bring about a more humane and just society for all of us."... Read more
For over forty years, Yvonne Atwell has engaged in community development and social change. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Halifax-based Community Justice Society.... Read more
Nancy Riche worked to great pioneering effect in provincial, national, and international trade union organizations as a self-declared unionist, feminist, and socialist strategist, but read on for more detail and stories about her discreetly-applied strategies needed to overcome entrenched patriarcha... Read more