Believing in the power of well-informed rural women to make social change in their communities, Elizabeth (Betty) Lacey used persistence and leadership skills to expand the educative work of the Women's Institutes, but she worries about the future with so much competition for women's community devel... Read more
Madeleine had laid out her notes and documents in preparation for the interview with Liz Burge, with whom she had worked years earlier on the issue of seniors' affordable housing in Fredericton. In her story of tackling the systemic problems in nursing workplaces, Madeleine conveyed the conceptio... Read more
Nancy Riche worked to great pioneering effect in provincial, national, and international trade union organizations as a self-declared unionist, feminist, and socialist strategist, but read on for more detail and stories about her discreetly-applied strategies needed to overcome entrenched patriarcha... Read more
The driving force behind establishing the widely respected Romero House Soup Kitchen in 1982, Carolyn continues as its Executive Director, keeping a warm and sustaining place for her valued clients but constantly seeking enough resources to meet their needs.... Read more
Marian Perkins' pioneering public education and advocacy regarding alcohol addiction and her work for the rights and better care of women inside and outside of the prison system called for skillful approaches to those in power.... Read more
Mary Lou's extensive work on provincial and national boards to address systemic discrimination against women was always guided by the question, "Is it fair?"... Read more