These Commentaries add three interpretations of the profiles and prompt you into further reflections and some relevant literature.

Having seen an early version of the website, three distinguished younger colleagues in the academic field of Adult Education in Canada kindly agreed to contribute to the project. They, with Liz, discussed how each Commentary might be structured. The final decision was to use three guiding questions:

  • What did I get out of the profiles?
  • Where does the practical knowledge of the elders link to some relevant academic knowledge?
  • How might the website be expanded internationally and inter-generationally?
Photo of Leona English.

Leona M. English is a Professor of Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. She studies women's activism and leadership in community-based non-profit organizations.

Photo of Shauna Butterwick

Shauna Butterwick is a Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her research and teaching interests focus, in part, on community-based adult education, feminist approaches to social justice, and women's learning across various contexts including social movements.

Photo of Patricia Gouthro.

Patricia Gouthro is a Professor of Adult Education at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, N.S. She researches, among other topics, critical feminist theory and pedagogy, learning in the homeplace, and active citizenship.