Last Words


Joan's determination to work shoulder to shoulder with others is reflected in this anecdote:

In 1998 or '99, we had this protest about a bank closing its teller services. We had this big meeting at the Captain William Spry Centre and took our friend Peggy with us. She was blind. Many of us went to the meeting with the bank manager. He told me that I could come and get teller service during the two days that were assigned for seniors. I said, "I'm not a senior yet. Besides, I have lots of friends who are much younger than I am. Is this about not giving people change for laundry machines when they cash their low-wage cheque at your bank?" Shortly after this interchange, Peggy, who we had saved for the final round of protest expression, was guided to the microphone to speak. "I just want to address the issue that besides not getting teller service, the bank machine for those who are blind is in the drive-thru." Well, the poor manager almost went through the floor! Peggy calmly continued, "None of my blind friends are driving." The No Teller service went on for some time but now there is an effort being made by the manager for full service. Some of the bank's clients took their business permanently to another bank as a result of our protest.