Last Words

In my retirement days, I think there are not enough women in my age group, give or take five to ten years, who are speaking out on some of these issues that I have dealt with. Maybe we do need to get back in, maybe we've become a bit too cosy, thinking our role was over.

I would definitely like to see the numbers changed of women in decision-making positions, for example in the provincial government and at the federal level. When we achieve that, we can't help but be heard. That has held us back; we've made some improvements and now I think we seem to have lost any significant presence in public life. There is such a need now to tell the stories, to continue to educate.

I have deep gratitude to the fantastic women from all walks of life from whom I've learned so much. I've also seen that my own three daughters and a son have absorbed some of what I have learned—and that makes me very, very proud.