Last Words


While Carolyn McNulty is highly respected in the Saint John community for her soup kitchen and social services, she would like to be remembered particularly as a good mother to her children. For Romero House, she says it has been her mission in life and believes she was born to respond to the challenge and depend on the Lord's guidance through thick and thin.

"I didn't go out to do something," she reflects. "It came into me."

I'm determined. I've made my commitments that I keep my word and I depend only on the Lord. I don't look for advice from this one, that one, and the other one. For the first time working through a challenge, we do the best we can and get it done quickly, then think it through—how could we have done that better? We don't get paralyzed by the situation, we move, then we sift and sort and decide and get the team on it because they all have experience. That's how we've learned as we've gone along. Once I've got it that way, it is going ahead quickly.